Medication Management

Medications can be extremely helpful for both preventing and relieving mental suffering. Dr. Foster is well trained and comfortable in the use of pharmacology, but also feels strongly about causing the least amount of distress (such as side effects) to her clients. Thus, she tends to use a more conservative approach, often incorporating psychotherapy and/or complementary treatments into her overall treatment plan.



Dr. Foster is trained in multiple styles of psychotherapy, and tailors her approach to the needs and goals of the individual. Some practices are more time-limited and problem focused, whereas others are more intensive, demanding longer periods of treatment.   She offers treatments for individuals, couples, and groups.  The specific modalities in which Dr. Foster are trained include: Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Short Term Couples Therapy, Reflective Parenting, and Postpartum Supportive Psychotherapy.



Consultation and Second Opinion

On occasion, people will have a current psychiatrist they wish to continue treatment with, but are interested in a second opinion to give "fresh eyes" on their situation.  Whether this is for the goal of reviewing safety data of medications used during pregnancy, addition of supplements or herbs to augment your treatment, or other reasons, Dr Foster is happy to work with you and your current psychiatrist to help improve your outcomes. 



Integrative and Complementary Treatment

Dr. Foster is very interested in the use of complementary and integrative psychiatry, and tries to stay on the leading edge of treatment modalities that are both effective and safe to use in populations suffering from mental distress. This can include herbal supplementation as well as behavioral augmentations. Along these lines, she has found that educating on the practices of mindfulness and mentalization to be transformative to many of her clients.


Pregnancy and Postpartum Management

While training at UCLA, Dr. Foster functioned as the Chief Resident in the Women’s Life Center where she became skilled in pre-pregnancy consultations and followed women several years postpartum. She co-led support groups for women struggling with mental illness following the birth of their child, as well as Reflective Parenting groups which helped to improve the parent-child relationship. She additionally treated women with menopausal onset of psychiatric syndromes, as well as women suffering from pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. She continues to participate in a journal club on a quartly basis to stay informed of newest research in this specialized field.