I invite you to take a walk with me through a virtual art museum.

Today, however, rather than looking at the drawings, paintings, or photographs, let’s try something different. Let’s observe the frames. Why did the curator or the artist chose this particular frame for this particular piece? Somehow, it must have accentuated all of the “best” in that artwork, and detracted from other not-so-useful parts.

Imagine now, “reframing” that piece with something entirely different. Perhaps a gothic wooden frame now becomes a shiny metal one. Now, can you imagine how that original piece of art looks entirely different? Your eye suddenly catches a small figure in the corner of the painting, unrecognized before. The colors seem to glow in a different light. What you experienced as Spring before might now feel like Fall.

Often, if we want our mood or experience to change, we can simply “reframe” our own perspective on life, much as in the way I have described above.

One of my favorite ways to do this is thru simple semantics. Suddenly, a “hyperactive” child becomes “energetic and curious”, my “anxiety” has turned into “anticipation”, or a fear of being seen as “aggressive” transforms into it’s acceptable to be “assertive” for what I need.

I encourage you to think about this next time you find yourself caught in a rut, focussing purely on the “negative”. Try to refocus or reframe; it just might help.

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